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brand development

For the business start up or  established business needing to do the work to define their brand.

graphic design

> Logo Design

> Collateral Design

> Business Document Layout & Formatting

> Web Design

(These services are for established brands)

event branding

> Theme development

> Event Logo

> Custom Invites

> Custom Favors

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Logo Development


Basic Website

Social Media Graphics

Web/Social Media Management

Complete Print

Brand Package

Complete Web

Brand Package

Complete Print and Web Package

Custom Business Cards

Custom Stationary

Postcard or Flyer

5 to 10 hrs

2 hrs

Hours Vary

Hours Vary


Items & Packages

$1500 flat rate

$1800 flat rate

$3000 flat rate

3 to 5 hrs

10 to 20 hrs


5 to 10 hrs

3 to 5 hrs

3 hrs

Brand Development Coaching

Hourly rate for projects.

Below is a list of the services offered. To give you an idea of cost, the estimated time frame for project completion is provided. Note this is an estimate - depending on your needs your project can be less or more than the estimate.


All items require a non refundable deposit equal to 1/4 of the total cost of that item, not to exceed $250.

The job begins when the deposit is paid.

All items are delivered in a digital format upon receipt of final payment.

Prices shown here do not include printing or any service subscription costs if applicable.


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 Tracie N. King


This is a word that has been used to describe me since I was very young.  Eventually I chose to enhance my natural ability with formal education. I have a BA in studio art and MFA in computer art.  When working on designs I combine my creative spirit with learned best practices to produce professional work.



Creativity is not just about creating beautiful things. Creativity is problem solving. A key factor in problem solving is gathering information. I have a passion for gathering and sharing information. I do so professionally as a college level instructor. View my online cv if you want to know more about my role as an educator.

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I know that is not how it is spelled! I purposely made a slight adjustment to the spelling because I believe this alternate spelling best captures what I am: a solo, professional, entrepreneur.

Want to know more about me? Visit: